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Otterbox Reflex Series  for iPhone 4
Otterbox Reflex Series for iPhone 4

Did you like the Otterbox iPhone 4 Defender case series? Now here is a time to try an iPhone 4 case that you can take on and off with ease.

OtterBox has lauched another new iPhone 4 case series named the Reflex Series.  OtterBox Reflex iPhone 4 Case Series is inspired by the crumple zone of the car. Protection of your iPhone 4 is the main concern of the OtterBox case series. However, this time there is much more than that.  The OtterBox Reflex Series case for iPhone 4 brings innovation to a whole new level.

The Reflex Series is ready to respond in any situation. TPE rubber and a hard polycarbonate shell, the reflex surrounding your iPhone 4 with a cushion of air that, combined with the TPE, absorbs much of the force of a fall. According to the designer, testing on this case shows that flexes upon impact and rebounds to its original form. It reduces the force of said impact by three times.


The Reflex Series easily splits in half to make it easier to dock. Right now OtterBox Reflex Case Series is available in grey/black and pink/black color combinations.

Take a look at the below video which explains how OtterBox Reflex iPhone 4 Case works. It seems that lots of thoughts have gone into the design of the Reflex case series. So at least we should admire a case that ensures y our iPhone 4 doesn’t come to any harm.

Date Posted
September 07, 2011