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iPhone 4S Defender Series Review!
iPhone 4S Defender Series Review!

What's the difference? This going to be the question every time companies put out new products that are supposed to be better than its already well accepted or marveled predecessor.

After all the guessing games and debates of Apple fans all over the world,  Apple finally releases their new iPhone 4S. Does it have a new shape, size, color, or is it just like the 3g to the 3gs which is all internal improvements only?

Fortunately, Apple's design is always simple and minimal not putting too much into their exterior but focusing on what's inside that screen! Apple's design team says "Less design is the best design!"

The Otterbox Defender Series for the new iPhone 4S follows the same form and function as the product it is intended to protect, as it should!

As new features and improvements were made with the 4S, the same were also made with the mighty Defender Series; to protect Siri and accommodate larger camera window holes.

Another feature that my co-workers and lil old I noticed was a much better feel to the rubber.. Sorry that sounded a bit weird! I meant that the composite of the silicone rubber seems to have improved. It feels more firm and stronger hence a better feel. There you go!

Inside the hard shell they have swapped out the felt cushioning to a thin soft rubber making it a better and more snug fit.

Looks wised its nearly the same as the last but the composite of the new hard rubber, snug fit and better feel just made the mighty Defender even mightier!

An important last note: The new 4S cases will also fit the older 4g phones but the older cases will not fit the new 4S phones.. To be more accurate yes they will fit but the port windows are larger for the 4S.


Keep a look out for the iPhone 4S Commuter, Reflex and Impact series releases!!



Anthony Kierulf

Anthony Kierulf
Date Posted
October 27, 2011