Durable and Posh Otterbox Phone Cases
Durable and Posh Otterbox Phone Cases

Professionals, busy-bodies, adventurers, and explorers don’t walk around the world without protecting themselves and their investments. You shouldn’t either.


Saving up and spending money to buy the latest gadgets is one thing—protecting them is another. So, while you are busy attending to your responsibilities, allow Otterbox to take care of your gadgets.

Otterbox creates the best protection for your smartphones and tablets. In the Philippines, Otterbox is working with Tenkie Box Concepts, Inc, a company dedicated to finding the latest and most fashionable gadget accessories for people with demanding schedules. Together, they provide access to optimum gadget protection that Filipino consumers deserve.

Otterbox has designed a series of protective solutions for your gadgets to address your different needs:

1.       The Defender Series is designed to protect your gadget from any environment. The high-impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone cushion underneath will defend your smartphone from shocks and bumps, while the protective membrane will keep it scratch- and dust-free. Best of all, you can still access all the gadget features through the tough and rugged three-layer protection.


Reflex Series

2.       The Reflex Series will surely safeguard your smartphones and tablets from drops and scratches. Making it revolutionary is its lightweight and compact case patterned after the crumple zone of a car. The phone cover is surrounded by air pockets that make any impact bounce off, helping your device withstand shocks. You are free to toss your phone all you want.


Commuter Series

3.       The Commuter Series fits your demanding lifestyle perfectly. The silicone and polycarbonate shell makes the cover sleek and tough, thus preventing potential harm to your phone. Its smooth finish makes it easier for you to slide it out of your pocket, and silicone grip pads on the bottom keep it from slipping from your hands.


Impact Series

 4.       The Impact Series protects your gadgets from collision. The phone cover is intelligently made of compression molded silicone and inventive inner coiling that absorbs impact and deflects bumps and dings. Its back texture makes it easier to grip and guard the device against lint.


Otterbox protection goes with style. They have a variety of colors (usually two-toned) and designs for selection. Choose a phone cover that suits your outgoing lifestyle! 

Kate Danielle Kuan
Date Posted
February 09, 2012