OtterCares raises over $250,000 for charity
OtterCares raises over $250,000 for charity

On March21, OtterCares, Otterbox’s charitable arm, gave each of their employees a grant certificate to start off this year’s “Get it, Grow it, Give it Challenge,” most commonly known as the “G3 challenge.” The employees each selected a charitable institution they wish to help and were then challenged to grow the amount given to them in any creative way they could come up with.

After 24 days of volunteer work, fundraising activities and personal donations, the team raised a total of $259,249.76 that was donated to 156 charities on April 13. That was more than double the amount of all the certificates given, and triple the donation made during the first G3 challenge in 2010. On top of that, the Otterbox employees pledged a total of 1,325 hours of volunteer work to those organizations this year.

The employees were given the opportunity to hand-deliver their donation to each charity and personally meet the organization they are helping.

“These donations are a ‘thank you’ to those organizations that rise up to challenges every day,” said Nancy Richardson, Ottercares founder and president. “We have an opportunity to plant the seed of philanthropy in our employees and encourage giving outside of what we can do as a company; that’s the ultimate goal — to watch generosity grow organically.”

The G3 Challenge is now an annual Otterbox spring event. Employees will be issued similar grant certificates with a similar challenge. OtterCares wants to leave one simple message through this event: “It’s not about what you have in your hands or what you can do with it. It’s about the potential of what you have, and what it can grow to be.”

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Kate Danielle Kuan
Date Posted
April 24, 2012